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The breeding of this pig has ancient origins: fossil remains and written documents testify to the presence of these animals since the period of Greek and Carthaginian domination (VII – VI century).

Throughout the Middle Ages the breeding of large herds in the wild had spread, which underwent a decrease only during the Arab domination for religious reasons.

From the early 1900s the black pig of the nebrodi was usually bred in small groups of 10-15 animals; even then the crossing with other improved breeds had spread, which had caused a strong reduction of this breed and a spread of black subjects with white or completely white patches.

The breed has evolved over the centuries by virtue of the scarcity of pastures and the lack of woods, typical aspects of the Sicilian territory, becoming with tall legs, with reduced transverse diameters, hump, with a very elongated head, therefore suitable for grazing and research of tubers and acorns in the woods.

The main factor that led to the reduction in the number of Sicilian black pigs raised on the island was the gradual disappearance of the woods, which in ancient times covered a large part of the Sicilian reliefs, together with the strong introduction in the post-war period of more productive and economically foreign breeds favorable. In recent years, however, there has been a decisive resumption of the breeding of this breed, on which various studies have been carried out aimed in particular at the enhancement of its productions.

The dark coloration characteristic of the meat of this breed seems to be linked to the diet rich in melanin contained in the acorns. This breed has a high level of genetic variability.

This animal is also characterized by the quality and genuineness of its derivatives, especially its salami.

Cured Ham

Cured black pig ham is identified as the main product of this animal. It is one of 144 slow food presidium and is included in the archive of Italian quality products by Coldiretti. It has the classic guitar shape and a really distinct flavor and taste.

prosciutto crudo di suino nero siciliano dei nebrodi

from Sicilian Black Pig

prosciutto crudo di suino nero siciliano dei nebrodi dissossato

Boneless CURED HAM
from Sicilian Black Pig